2017 Autumn menu!!!

Harvest Season has come!! Salmon is leading role in this autumn menu.

Ceviche-style salad of avocado and salmon


Ceviche means the marinated seafood by acidity fruit.
Mild acidity of keylime ,salt and  cilantro make distinct taste.
920yen (Tax excluded)


Avocado and mushroom gratin


Avocado and mushroom gratin with Kaiho salsa sauce.
Kaiho salsa sause have good taste of tomato is condensed.
880yen (Tax excluded)


Pear Margarita


This characteristic of this cocktail is refreshing sweetness.
We serve this cocktail at this season every year.
800yen (Tax excluded)


Pear ginger ale


This drink have refreshing sweetness of pear and fine carbonate.
550yen (Tax excluded)